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You arouse me. 你撩到我了sexually

我很喜欢This Is Us,因为这就是生活最真实、纯粹、温暖的模样。

Saying I do means saying I will. I will love today and everyday for the rest of my life. I've been trying to focus on all the little moments that I don't want to forget. But the moment that's burned into my brain and heart is the first time I saw you. You have changed the way I think about love, I know things may not always be easy, but no take-backs now. You are stuck with me. But our love has always been worth it. I will encourage you, trust and respect you. I will creat a home with you full of laughter and compassion. I will raise a family with you. I will grow old with you. I will share my dreams with you. So today, I pledge myself to you.
I fall a little bit more in love with you everyday. In you, I have found my soul mate, my best friend, my lover, my partner, my safe place, You are my great love story. And our story is just getting start. We're gonna be okay.

late 30s/deep in the threes 奔四了

Whatever ups and downs, or twists and turns, we can always find our way back to life. And life will always spread arms to hold us tight and bond us with our beloved ones. 想以此贴记录This Is Us里面我喜欢的台词,我喜欢的生活的样子。

老爷子真是个超级可爱的人欸。I'm never too sick to play!
I haven't had a happy life. Bad breaks and bad choices. A life between almosts and cloud haves. Some would called it sad, but I don't. Cause the two best things in my life were the person at the very beginning, and the person at the very end. That's a pretty good thing to be able to say, I think.

 Give me the magic phrase. 告诉我我该怎么安慰你


I really don't know what to say actually because I'm pretty mad at him. For leaving,I gusse. William was a lot of tnings. He was a father, an artist, a cheater at every card game. God, he was my friend. I can look all over this house and see memories that we shared. Every time I walked pass the bathroom, I can hear him humming when he brushed his teeth. At first it used to grate on me like " you love your dental hygiene, we get it! " But pretty soon I came to expect it. Y'all know that he could dance? Right there. Right where Randall is standing is where he showed me that even a frail old bag of bones, his words, " could still attempt a Charleston." William's moves weren't fast. But they were endearing as hell. He was endearing as hell. And even though we only had him for only a few months, he's part of our fabric now. We'll remember things as "before William" and " after William".

You mosey in and out of my life. 你在我的生命里来去匆匆

从伊始,到后来的重看和摘录,我对This is us的喜欢似乎总会在看剧的时候荡漾着,以致于有种明明无比期待却又不舍得不忍心开启第二季的感觉。


It's your fault for demanding so little of us that we settle.

这期间,我时不时会回看自己摘录的文字,这篇记录的名字也从最开始的"Dialogue I like in This Is Us"改成"Moments in This Is Us"。修改的冲动来自于重看William对How does it feel like dying的回答,他说道很多他想要拼命抓紧却抓不住的moments,让我忽然之间觉得"Dialogue"这个词太苍白,"I like"是太自我的说法。

This is us 可以说是我短暂的美剧生涯里面最棒的一个了。你问为什么?原因显而易见啊,因为 This is us! 没有惊天的大秘密,没有身世的扑朔迷离,没有火爆的枪战与核战,没有一触即发的暗黑势力,没有、没有、没有!!但事实证明,易中天教授的那句话切中要害:最质朴的才是最动人的。This is us. 没错,我在他们所有人身上都看到了我自己。

I'd like to think that because of the child I lost, the path he sent me on, that I am here saving babies.

Lines I try hard to capture here are moments. Every single moment tells a story about the past, the present or the future and it connects all the people that are part of the immensity of life. Whatever it might taste, I wanna feel the moment and seize it in my own life. That's what make me who I am and that's what make "This is me".

被肥胖症折磨着的胖妹在怀疑自我中不停的挣扎,美食的诱惑与他人异样的眼神这两道枷锁将她重重围困。没有工作,没有男朋友,她在自己给自己设定的一个个死循环中弥足深陷。人人都说不要在意别人的目光,学会忽略别人的评价,要做你自己。That is fucking damn right! 但是,当我根本不喜欢现在的自己,你要我怎么坚持成为她呢?当我做什么的事情都要花上正常人三倍的努力,当我被自以为是朋友的人当众羞辱,被帅气的双胞胎弟弟无情的抢走闺蜜,当我看着那个穿着比自己小两号衣服的女人,姿态妩媚的从我面前走过,而那个让你无地自容的女人正是你的母亲,你仅仅能告诉我的就是做你自己??R U fucking kidding me?
没有经历过这些的人们啊,你们打从一开始就站在了喜马拉雅山的顶峰。You have no idea what is totally fucked up and what rock bottom is. 你们就尽情地享受生活带来的无尽的惊喜,偶尔稍微感慨一下小小的美中不足就好了啊。不要在讲什么“做你自己”这种鬼话了。

catchphrase 口头禅


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that pain is a part of you

I can't reach her. 我走不进她的内心

E01 #Dr. K Maybe one day, you'll be an old man like me, talking a younger man's ear off, explaining to him how you took the sourest lemon that life has to offer and turned it into something resembling lemonade. If you can do that, you will still be taking three babies home from this hospital, just maybe not the way you planned.

Have a moment with sb促膝谈心

Catch the moments when you are young and quick. Because soon you'll be old and slow.


zip up 拉上拉链(闭嘴

#Family - Dad: First came... - Kevin: Me! - Dad: And dad said... - Kevin: Gee! - Dad: And then came... - Kate: Me! - Dad: And mom said... - Kate: Whee! - Dad: And then came... - Randall: Me. - Dad: And we said - Randall: That's three. - Dad: Big three? - All: BIG THREE!

On a scale of... how mad are we?要是把生气划个等级 你现在有多生气

#Randall&Beth - Eight years ago, I was pregnant for the first time and Randall was vying for partner at his firm. We just bought this house on faith, even though it needed a lot of work, even though we couldn't afford it whatsoever. Then Randall made partner. He did all the work himself in the house so we didn't have to spend a penny. And he made sure I didin't lift a finger during my pregnancy. - He is a good man. - No. He's not good. He's perfect. ..... - Randall is not free of vices, William. His vice is his goodness. It's his complusive drive to be perfect. It's why I love him, but it's also why I have to protect him sometimes.

we drifted apart. 我们逐渐疏远了

No more looking away. 不要回避


Roll down all of your windows, crank up the music, grow out that fro, and let someone else make your bed.

We will remember things by before William and after William


He is part of our fabric now.

#Kevin&Dad - Sorry, I shoud have been watching you. Okay? - You should have. - And I said I was and I should have been watching you, pal. - I know trying, okay? Look, I know that I'm bigger than you. I know that I'm an adult, but... this is my first time, okay? This is my first time too. I got three and I'm trying. I'm sorry. I should've been there and I'm gonna be there, okay?

#Kate&Dad - I'm gonna go princess. - I want you to know that daddy already sees you that way without the shirt, okay? You don't need it. - Thanks, daddy, but I'm gonna wear it anyway.